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In recent years and decades, scientists have studied the effects of coffee on various aspects of health and their results have been nothing short of amazing.

1. Coffee can make you smarter

Caffeine potently blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, leading to a net stimulant effect. Controlled trials show that caffeine improves both mood and brain function.

2. Coffee can help you burn fat and improves physical performance.

Caffeine raises the metabolic rate and helps to mobilize fatty acids from the fat tissues. It can also enhance physical performance.

3. Coffee may drastically lower your risk of type II Diabetes.

Drinking coffee is associated with a drastically reduced risk of type II diabetes. People who drink several cups per day are the least likely to become diabetic.

4. Coffee may lower your risk of Alzheimer’s and Pakinsons.

Coffee is associated with a much lower risk of dementia and the neurodegenerative disorders

5. Coffee may be extremely good for your liver.

Coffee appears to be protective against certain liver disorders, lowering the risk of liver cancer by 40% and cirrhosis by as much as 80%.

6. Coffee may decrease your risk of premature death.

Coffee consumption has been associated with a lower risk of death in prospective epidemiological studies, especially in type II diabetics.

7. Coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

Coffee contains a decent amount of several vitamins and minerals. It is also the biggest source of antioxidants in the modern diet.

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