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Yes, you can you enjoy wine AND support a local community!

If you are reading this you are already a step closer to supporting a local community, an individual, a parent, a child. By drinking Petit wine. Not a joke in sight.

Should you choose indulge in this delicious brand of fine white wine as the weekend starts, you may feel a little more proud of yourself in the morning

At Ken Forrester Vinyards, it is their vision to improve the lot of the labour force by growing their business and providing the maximum job opportunities in a market that is desperate for support.

They go a step further and farm sustainably, with no herbicides or pesticides and till by hand. This practise is hugely labour intensive, but very satisfying. They prune & thin out leaves all by hand and finally harvest by hand as well.

The additional employment required goes some way to improve the quality of life in their community in the knowledge that if each community member looked after their own, no-one would go wanting.

This is the “Petit” proposal each bottle is a victory that represents a small change – for the better – in someone’s life.

More about Ken Forrester Vinyards

Situated on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, in the heart of South Africa’s most famous wine region Stellenbosch, our vineyards are commonly referred to as the Home of Chenin Blanc and other premium award-winning wines. Over the years our range of top quality wines has received massive national and international acclaim with literally hundreds of awards and accolades. Our wines are broadly available in reputable restaurants and exported around the globe. Ken Forrester’s philosophy has always been to create a range of handcrafted, individually made wines that suitably complement a wide variety of food styles and provide excellent value.

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