Remember the little things.

All of us can get caught up in life’s many dramas. Some are huge and consume most of our thoughts, others are responsibilities that we must adhere to such as raising kids, going to work (if you are lucky enough to have a job) or running a business. Sometimes we worry about our families, about our country…we are all on our own journey on this planet we call home, and on our own missions. When it all gets too much? Remember the little things.

Often, the easiest and most overlooked escape “from it all” is simply revelling in the little things that make your life wonderful. Everyone has their own little thing, that one guilty pleasure which is just…. yours. It is about much more than the “thing” though, it’s about how you feel when you look at, eat, or experience it. It’s your (all too often overlooked) happy place. It is the thing that transports you to another plane, the thing that induces nostalgia even if just for the briefest of moments. I am not talking about a weekend away, or a great evening with friends, those are wonderful indeed, however I am talking about the daily gems that we all too often forget to cherish.

For some (actually for many) that escape may come in the form of that first sip of a cup of freshly ground Mastertons coffee before starting the day (it is most definitely one of mine). Ok, ok, coffee is an easy out, a cliché even…but it’s true.  For others it’s simply slipping into freshly laundered and cool bedding at the end of a long day.

Here at Tolbos, where we are located in the heart of the quaint and friendly farming town of Patensie, we have many small things to help make you forget about ‘serious’. Yummy treats and gift shop spoils a-plenty! Have you tried our old favourites such as Tolbos Gokum jam, ‘boeremeisies’, buttermilk rusks, still-warm-from-the-oven ciabatta, milktart, homemade pie? There is nothing quite like savouring some homemade goodness! Whatever your little pleasure is, chances are that you will be able to find it in our shop.

All too frequently, we take the smaller things for granted, we literally forget to stop and smell the coffee. So, this coming week, remember to slow down for just a moment each day to enjoy your little escape – after all it’s often the small things that put the big things in motion.

What’s your little thing?

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