Hello new menu! Change is inevitable, change is necessary, change is good!

They say that a change is as good as a holiday. Hmm, I am not so sure that many of us agree with that statement – would much rather relax for a week or so and not think about anything work related at all! However I do agree change is a good thing! It allows you to get out of your comfort zone, to experience something new, something fresh. That has to be a good thing right?

Banting Burger, Prego Steak Wrap, Bobotie Burger

Take our brand new menu for example, it’s not reinventing the wheel or anything like that, however the design is new, it’s clean & fresh, and it’s so Tolbos! You will also find a few new additions on there too. These are sure to delight anyone who tries them out for the first time and they are already proving to be a hit! Did someone say Banting Breakfast Burger? Prego Steak Wrap? Bobotie Burger?  Oh yes!

French Toast, Chicken Bombe, Spicy Chicken Wrap

Change also allows us to adapt and serve our customers even better, especially over busy periods such as events and the holiday period. In between the daily grind our chef is also conjuring up new & exciting limited edition treats to delight your taste buds. Just uttering the words “Zesty Cherry Infused Rib Pie” makes the mouth water! And who doesn’t enjoy a “Hearty Slow Roasted Lamb Pot with Dumplings” – Soul food!

French Toast, Chicken Bombe, Spicy Chicken Wrap

Pop in to see the new menu or cast an eye on our online version at https://www.tolbos.co.za/new-menu

Here’s to change!

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