Never Lock Down the Laughter.

Humanity has an uncanny ability to bounce back. And to laugh.

While (probably too) many of us are giving that home brewed pineapple beer a go, others are rediscovering pasta makers bought four years ago. Mums and dads are at home with the kids. Less vehicle polution is pumping into the air.

What a strange world we live in right now. It’s illegal to step out on the pavement, or buy alcohol, but you may use cannabis in the privacy of your home. The value of a barrel of oil dropped down to less than that of a toilet roll. Yes indeed, it certainly does feel like we woke up in another reality.

We’ve  already experienced many who have swallowed their pride to ask for help. How do our communities respond? With an abundance of Ubuntu of course! From feeding the hungry to helping a friend with a bit or pre-paid power,  South Africans of all races and genders have shown that we are there for each other when the chips are down.

During the tough times a laugh is often all we need to feel ‘human’ or a kind of familiar “normal” again. Not out of disrespect at all, it is more of a coping mechanism of sorts.

We’ve had a good chuckle as half the nation tried to swallow raw eggs without being sick on cam, or have their family dunk their faces into flour.

We have seen some home brewing gone wrong too…

Listen to this short song a music teacher wrote to her students about the transition of teaching from classroom to online. I think it is safe to say that we can all connect deeply with the lyrics?

Or this compilation of South African educators getting to grips with teaching from a distance:

Last night we were even blessed with our president who, after a very well presented speech, reminded us all that he too is human.


Humanity will always bounce back. We don’t know how to do it any differently, but please… can we never lock down the laughter?

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