Perspective is everything.

In an unexpected (and positive) turn of events, the last few days have shown us not only the dark side of a starving and job-hungry economy, but also one of the most liberating aspects of our society today. UNITY.
When a nation has had enough, we can put our foot down and put a stop to…anything, with or without “official” support. We have seen how communities from all walks of life and all colours have taken each other’s hand in support to ensure all of our safety, to ensure service delivery, to help each other out and to show that we, the people, can and will get back up.

There is undoubtedly an even longer road to recovery ahead, however we have already started to dust ourselves off to rebuild a brighter future. Between the chaos and tragic scenes we have all been witnessing over the last few days, the unity of our people has been one of the most promising things to witness since the pandemic began.

The true nature of South Africans has been revealed once more, and it is everything but dark.
We still offer a call & collect service (for those who prefer it) in addition to our sit-down dining. Visit us in the Gamtoos Valley and experience authentic country hospitality at it’s best! We’re located less than an hour’s scenic drive away from PE, Jbay or St Francis.

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