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11 Awesome things to do in Baviaanskloof

Baviaanskloof Hartland 6-day Hike Where? Gamtoos Valley Start: Rietrivier Finish: Rietrivier Duration: roughly 12 km a day Fitness: you need to be fit to cope with steep sections, rock surface and rough terrain Tip: This is a slackpack trail, but you will need to provide your own lunch and drinks every day. Select here for […]

Shuffle and shake, we never stop – almost!

Statistics tell us that businesses younger than 5 years have a staggering (and rather worrying) 80% chance of failing. That number drops significantly after year 7. Our beloved Tolbos has been a premier stop-over, eatery, shop and general social venue for tourists and locals for almost 30 years, however that gives me little comfort in […]

For the love of coffee

7 Scientific reasons why you should collect your FREE loyalty card today! In recent years and decades, scientists have studied the effects of coffee on various aspects of health and their results have been nothing short of amazing. 1. Coffee can make you smarter Caffeine potently blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, leading to […]

Curry can keep you chirpy for longer!

Over thousands of years curry has been a staple flavour-enhancer in many countries around the world. Curry is a complex blend of spices that can be mixed and blended to suit all tastes or enhance an array of dishes – from vegetables to goat! Sometimes it may even serve as a handy tool to ‘mask’ […]

I know a famous place, The Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve

Now, you may ask, “What is all this fuss about The Baviaanskloof?” Well, it is only THE most stunning Wilderness Area that lies tucked between the Baviaans and Kouga Mountain ranges, approximately 120 km west of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. This World Heritage Site is a showpiece of natural wonders […]

An overview of Patensie and surrounds.

Tolbos is situated in the agricultural town of Patensie, where the main activity revolves around the cultivation of citrus. To get to the Valley, you will have to travel approximately 75km’s west on the N2, from Port Elizabeth. Pass through Loerie (famous for the South African ‘Naartjie’) and then Hankey (home to the world’s largest […]

Meet the Tolbos General Manager: Lana ‘Pixie’ Fourie

Lana has been part of the www.tolbos.co.za family for just on a year now and it has been an absolute pleasure to have a cool level-headed person to rely on. There is no drama, but a self-assuredness that drives this lady. She is deceptively young-looking and when you spy her buzzing to Tolbos on her […]

How time flies……

By Carin Scheepers: Well, I must say that this concept of time ‘flying’ is becoming all the more real to me these days. I would hate to admit that it may be an ‘age’ thing and am therefore sticking to the reasoning that it is definitely because we are so hectically busy. From renovating the […]