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Why cooking your own meals is dangerous and a downright terrible idea.

Too many of us throw a blind eye or are ignorant to the dangers we face in our kitchens when preparing a meal at home. Most of us enter the kitchen with reckless abandon and don’t give a second thought to the hazards that await. Evil cult movements which promote home cooking have been known to surface from time to time as well, such as the “Come Dine With Me” evenings which have been made popular on TV. Dinner hosts are challenged to put their lives at risk, all for the sake of “impressing” and “feeding their guests a good meal”.

HOWEVER. What if the meal is terrible? Will your guests return? Will they ever speak with you again? Even worse, what if they pretend to like the meal but then go and ridicule your culinary efforts behind your back?

These considerations exist in addition to the fact that you could cause yourself serious injury in the prepping process. So, the question remains: Is cooking your own meal at home really worth the effort and risk? Read on, you may change your mind.

Here is the good news:


There are professional establishments, like us lot here at Tolbos, who have decades of experience in handling these dangerous situations and are willing to risk our own safety to ensure your well-being (and full tummies).

Introducing our new weekly Tolbos evening meal takeaway service.

For the first time at Tolbos, you can order your daily cooked meals to enjoy at home – minus the risk, plus you are pretty much guaranteed an absolutely delicious meal. Every. Single. Time.

Here is how it works:

Each week, we will present a menu for the week that follows. It will be published on our Facebook page and circulated via email (on that note, inbox us your email address or send a mail to if you would like to be included in the mailing list). Customers must place their orders with us for the following week by Wednesday each week. Your chosen meals will then be made available for collection the following Monday – Thursday from between 16:00 and 17:00.

The cost for each meal is R70 and include dishes such as these ones for the coming week of 21 January – 24 January 2019.

Pasta Alfredo (Penne Pasta) served with Rocket salad.

Garlic & Parmesan Chicken with Basmati Rice, Sweet pumpkin and baby-marrows.

Shepherd’s Pie served with Broccoli, cauliflower and mixed garden salad.

Creamy Baked Fish with Lemon, served with rice and fried green beans.

Don’t miss out, order today! You can choose the meals you want and they change each week. Pop in, email or call 042 283 0437, but remember to do so by Wednesday each week!

Common Kitchen Hazards

Kitchen Hazard

Manual handling

Carrying, lifting, pushing, and other manual handling manoeuvres can, if not done safely, seriously harm the body’s musculoskeletal system.

The Health and Safety Executive reports that over 30% of food and drink industry injuries are mainly musculoskeletal injuries caused by manual handling.

Hazardous manual handling tasks include:

• Lifting boxes and crates of food.
• Pushing or pulling wheeled racks (such as trolleys).
• Carrying pots or stacks of plates.
• Moving equipment.
• Handing containers of drinks.
• Cutting and deboning (meat and poultry).
• Reaching for items on shelves .

Manoeuvring awkward loads with contents that shift, are especially risky, as you usually have to adjust your grip on the move to minimise strain.

Slips, trips, and falls

Kitchens often have numerous slip, trip, and fall risks created by human error, meaning you and others need to focus closely on proper safety practices and housekeeping.

Slip, trip, and fall hazards include:

• Floor contamination, such as spillages of water, sauces, oil, and flour.
• Wet floors from cleaning.
• Obstructions in walkways, including trailing cables, boxes and crates, bins, cleaning equipment, etc.
• Uneven, worn down, or loose flooring.
• Using a ladder to access high pantry shelves.

Improper storage

If not properly stored in shelves and fridges, objects could fall from height onto people, while food could become unsafe to use over time.

Fire and electrical hazards

You regularly use electrical equipment and naked flames in a kitchen. Fire and electricity are serious dangers; they can cause burns and shocks or even ignite a fire.

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Things to do in Baviaanskloof

17 Awesome things to do in Baviaanskloof

Last year we shared two articles with some awesome things to see and do while you are in the Baviaanskloof Area. We’ve combined those blogs into one handy list for you below. Enjoy, live, love & laugh!

Baviaanskloof Hartland 6-day Hike

Baviaanskloof Hartland 6-day Hike

Where? Gamtoos Valley
Start: Rietrivier

Finish: Rietrivier

Duration: roughly 12 km a day

Fitness: you need to be fit to cope with steep sections, rock surface and rough terrain

Tip: This is a slackpack trail, but you will need to provide your own lunch and drinks every day.

Select here for more details

Vondeling Optel Craft

Vondeling Optel Craft

Where? Vondeling, near Willowmore, Eastern Cape, South Africa

When? Please enquire.

How? Call +27 (0)73 565-0813

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Vondeling, in Eastern Cape

Vondeling settlement consists of an isolated scatter of homesteads, made up of only 29 families, on public and private land close to the now disused Vondeling railway siding. It is located 47 km west of Willowmore in the Eastern Cape, close to the boundary with the Western Cape Province.

The infrastructure at the settlement consists of a primary school and a church hall. There is no electricity supply. The town use to be connected to the outside world by train, but they have long since stopped running. Vondeling Optel Craft is recognized as a reliable supplier to the top craft retail stores, and niche Christmas decoration stores in South Africa, and is also exporting successfully.

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Soetendalspoort 4×4 Trail

Where? 46km from Willowmore in the Baviaanskloof Region, Eastern Cape

When? Please enquire.

How? Call +27 (0)44 923-1872

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Willowmore, in Eastern Cape

Experience the haunting beauty of the Karoo in a very special way when venturing out on the Soetendalspoort 4×4 Trails. These trails are situated less than 50 kilometres from Willowmore in the province of the Eastern Cape. They are secluded from the bustle of city life, allowing the drivers and their passengers to experience the South African landscapes in their most unadulterated state.

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Doringkloof 4×4 Trails

Where? About 80 km from Willowmore in the Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape

When? Booking is required.

How? Call +27 (0)49 839-1160

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Baviaanskloof, in Eastern Cape

Deep in the ancient formations of the Baviaanskloof Mountain Range lie the Doringkloof 4×4 Trails. This area is characterised by rugged landscapes, enormous mountains that burst from sometimes arid ground, and an abundance of plant and animal life. It remains popular amongst campers and explorers from all over the world; those wanting to be part of the untouched part of the South African countryside.

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Longmore Forest MTB Route

Longmore MTB Route

Where? Longmore Forest, Off N2, towards Hankey, Baviaanskloof

When? Monday to Sunday from 07h00

How? Call +27 (0)41 368-7244

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Hankey, in Eastern Cape

This long trail is perfect for the intermediate mountain biker and can take between 2 hours to a few days to complete (if you wanted to come back to cover all routes of course) depending on how long you want to ride for and what routes you decide to take.

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Eden to Addo Hike

Eden to Addo Hike

Where? The hike starts in Knysna and ends in Addo.

When? At the moment, the hike is not yet formal, and happens only once a year in September. Contact for full details.

How? Call +27 (0)44 533-1623

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Addo, in Eastern Cape

The Eden to Addo hike is considered by some as the longest, if not the toughest hiking trail in South Africa. Regarded as a ‘mega’ hike, the Eden to Addo entails an 18-day haul from Knysna to Addo and the Addo Elephant National Park, on its way to being one of the largest national parks in southern Africa. The ‘eden’ in the title no doubt suggests a ‘lost’ paradise; a play on what would once have been deep forests along the coast.

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Gonjah 4×4 Trails

Gonjah Trails

Where? Gamtoos River Valley, Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape.

When? Please Enquire

How? Call +27(0)42 283-0596

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Gamtoos Valley, in Eastern Cape

The exciting Gonjah 4 x 4 Route is a fabulous way to explore and discover the gorgeous area of the Gamtoos River Valley in the Eastern Cape. This area borders the Baviaanskloof region, which is one of this province’s most prized natural jewels and tourist attractions.

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Baviaans Heritage Tours

Baviaans Heritage Tours

Where? 70 Wehmeyer Street, Willowmore, 6445, Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape

When? Booking is essential.

How? Call +27 (0)44 923-1574

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Willowmore, in Eastern Cape

The Baviaanskloof is a majestic mountain range that is not only significant for its natural abundance, but also for its historical and cultural heritage, particularly when coupled with the valleys, kloofs, farms and even villages around it. It is no wonder, then, that this is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, inviting tourists from all over South Africa and the world to see the bounty and beauty of the Eastern Cape Province.

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Cedar Falls Day Hike

Cedar Falls

Where? Go Baviaans, Ceder Falls, Studtis, Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

When? Only available to guests staying overnight at Cedar Falls Base Camp at Go Baviaans in Baviaanskloof.

How much? Falls into price group R1 to R100 per person. Confirm with the provider.

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Studtis, in Eastern Cape

The magnificent Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve is one of the Eastern Cape’s most exquisite treasures, acclaimed for the dramatic mountain ranges and unique array of vegetation that make it so scenic. The Cedar Falls Day Hike is in the heart of the Baviaanskloof, and hikers can drink in the beautiful South African landscapes as they follow streams, negotiate rugged pathways, and descend into breath-taking kloofs.

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Bushmen Painting Walk

Bushmen Painting Walk

Where? Ceder Falls, Studtis, Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape

When? Only available to guests staying overnight at Cedar Falls Base Camp at Go Baviaans in Baviaanskloof.

How much? Free

More? See website

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Studtis, in Eastern Cape

Within the spectacular beauty of the Baviaanskloof, a number of hiking and walking trails lie in wait for eager adventurers. The Bushmen Painting Walk is ideal as it combines history and culture with the untainted splendour of this pristine part of the Eastern Cape.

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Mooihoek Boerdery – Pick your own Strawberries!

Mooihoek Boerdery Pick your Own Strawberries

Mooihoek Boerdery, just a few kilometers outside of Hankey, opened their fruity gates to the public last holiday season. For a reasonable fee you can pick your own strawberries and fill a whole tray with big, red, sweet, juicy, delicious fruit (minimum is one tray per 3 people).You can lookup their loaciotn on Google Maps –> Give them a call on 042 284 0100

Tolbos | Bistro – Deli – Info

Where? Patensie, Fred Ferreira Way (R331), Eastern Cape

When? Tolbos makes for a perfect stop on your day trip. Open daily

How? Call +27 42 283 0437

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Patensie, in Eastern Cape

Tolbos is a fully licensed restaurant, country shop and tourist information point in the heart of the Kouga Mountain Range and surrounding orchards. It offers a cosy indoor venue as well as a charming outdoor courtyard garden with children’s play area that is great for children and families to enjoy . They often host Sunday afternoon music shows which make for a great afternoon out. Browse through the rest of this website for further information.

Glenmore 4 x 4 Trail







Where? Glenmore Farm, Willowmore, Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape

When? Booking required.

How? Call +27 (0)82 834-9219

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Willowmore, in Eastern Cape

The Glenmore 4×4 trail is located on a farm in the Baviaanskloof, and consists of five trails. The farm is located approximately 35km from Willowmore, which is in the Baviaanskloof Wilderness area.

Riverside Camping at Baviaanskloof Lodge







Where? Baviaanskloof Lodge, Onverwags Farm, Cambria, Patensie, Eastern Cape, South Africa

When? Booking is essential.

How much? Price on request

More? See

Riverside camping is only 2 km away from the main lodge. 4×4 Trails are also available. Baviaanskloof Lodge itself offers Comfortable Accommodation, Dinner Bed and Breakfast, Outdoor Recreation Facilities and Tourist Info Services. Accommodation consists of spacious en suite rooms, dining room, lounge as well as outdoor living area with BBQ facilities and a breathtaking view.

Camping at Gonjah







When? Booking is essential.

How much? Price on request


The campsite at Gonjah is delightfully set next to a gently flowing mountain stream, surrounded by towering Yellowwood trees – a real escape to the country.

There are basic facilities on site including a hot shower and flush toilet and braai wood is available so that you can light up that campfire and enjoy nature the way it was meant to be – uninterrupted.

Other Activities

  • Excellent hiking is available around the chalet and in the area.
  • Fresh water fishing nearby in the Gamtoos River.
  • Cycling Trails are close by.
  • Hankey golf course is just 15km away
  • Firewood can be bought for braais and campfires.
  • 10 minute drive to Tolbos Country Shop and Restaurant.

After Hours Number:

041 000 1585 or 082 566 4047 (Hetsie)

Elandsheuwel MTB Trails







Where? Elandsheuwel, Steytlerville, 6250

When? Please enquire. Booking is essential.

How? Call +27 (0)49 834-9011

How much? Price on request

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Steytlerville, in Eastern Cape

Elandsheuwel is a working angora goat and merino sheep farm that is easily classified as ‘far from the madding crowd’. It offers three trails – 6km, 14 km and 18 km. However further jeep tracks, 4×4 routes and paths all over the farm, over and across hills, make up hundreds of kilometres of trails if you are prepared to explore.

Baviaanskloof MTB Route







Where? The Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site, Eastern Cape.
The untarred R332 stretches for 180 km from Patensie in the east to Willowmore in the west.

Difficulty: Difficult, the routes are long and can be gruelling

When? Best during daylight hours.

Type of route: gravel roads, tricky river crossings, dense wooded areas, uphills and heart-stopping downhills
Best: summer is incredible, even winter days can soar to 28 degrees, although the evenings and early mornings are really chilly

How much? Free

Overnight? Stay at accommodation in Willowmore, in Eastern Cape

The ride is tough, but the beauty and the remoteness are second to none.

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