Tolbos - time flies

How time flies……

By Carin Scheepers:

Well, I must say that this concept of time ‘flying’ is becoming all the more real to me these days. I would hate to admit that it may be an ‘age’ thing and am therefore sticking to the reasoning that it is definitely because we are so hectically busy.

From renovating the farm offices and drilling for water, to all the going-on’s at, it sometimes feels like we are a bunch of guppies gasping for air in a shallow puddle!

But hey, I’ll tell you this much… The little bit of water we are swimming in, is a vibrant, sparkling pool of life filled with so much good stuff.

And so I have managed to keep paddling with the Tolbos team for one whole year already. It has been such a great learning curve. Everyday has brought new challenges and developments and I have had the pleasure of getting re-aquainted with the good people of the Gamtoos. Of course, the stunning setting has made intergration into the community all the more easier.

Tolbos has grown to be a timeless institution in the #Kouga community and, looking back, we cannot believe that it all started in 1988…. before ‘padstals’ were cool! Over the years, Tolbos has kept evolving to meet the locals’ needs and welcome #tourists with generous information and tasty refeshments.

Here’s hoping that during my time with the Tolbos team, we can continue to spread our wings and grow. I am just too afraid to blink – I don’t want to miss a thing!

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