Gamtoos - Patensie Valley

What a great place to wake up every morning!

I have had the privilege of living in so many parts of the world, but the best place to see the sun rise and set every day remains right here, in the farming community of the #Gamtoos Valley.

Patensie - Gamtoos Valley

I may be somewhat prejudiced because I was born and bred right here on the family farm, #Gonjah, en-route to the world-famous heritage site, #Baviaanskloof. But that aside, I still feel smug that I get to live this life and take in the scenery, while other poor souls are slogging away in the city, grinding through daily traffic and trying not to get too depressed by the concrete jungle. On a bad day, while travelling to #Tolbos, in the centre of our #citrus town of #Patensie, me getting ‘caught’ in the traffic may involve slowing down for a tractor or waiting for a guinea fowl family to scatter across the road!

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man (or woman!) healthy, wealthy and wise,” is such a relevant proverb – especially here in the country. Luckily, most mornings we are blessed with the most stunning sunrise, which gets every one pumped for the long days, filled with the productive busyness that goes with running a farm and providing essential services to all members of the community. And then, just when you think the day will never end, the sun is setting into the horizon we are engulfed by a spectrum of feel-good colours.

Time for retrospection, gratitude and a cold one on the stoep….

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