World-Class Women in the Valley

Don’t think that because we are stuck in a small little town between there and nowhere, not much goes on and women just stand behind their farming men. Oh no, sister – here in the Gamtoos Valley the Girls have been making a name for themselves since the Bean Family exported the first boxes of citrus way back when!

We have ladies who labour away in the kitchen and are renowned the world over for their delicious fare – like Tannies’ Joey and Denise who makes the most awesome pies and darling Danika, who bakes and ices whimsical, romantic cakes. Let’s not forget about Jeannie du Preez whose macaroons are pure magic and the Melville Madam’s catering cuisine.

It doesn’t stop with food, mind you – we have women heading up the most fashion-forward clothing empires for kiddies and yummy-mummies alike. Take Max and Lulu who have managed to put out beautiful ranges of toddler’s clothing, with spiritually inspiring messages; then there is Nicky of Blume and Co., who sells jammies, baby wear and even chic ladies’ attire to clients all over South Africa. For an authentic ‘boeretwist’ look no further than Boer-e-Nooi Design Studio , owned by Anmagreth van der Merwe – who is always busy in her studio.

Speaking of studios, the Valley is ecstatic that Hilde Malan finally has a creative space to call her own – where she will continue to create her signature pieces that grace walls across the country. Another stalwart in the creative line is Hildie du Preez, who is continually busy scrapping – whether it be on spoons or crockery! To make sure everyone knows of the girly going-on’s in the Valley, you can rely on female professional photographers, such as Erin or Anneli, to get it on film. Heck, you can even have your hair and nails done by expert stylists in their studios!

Of course, it is not all arts and crafts here in the Patensie area: add in a couple of well-respected female doctors; a few headmistresses; businesswomen who are heading up cosmetic companies, the Irrigation Board and restaurants alike; and you will soon realise what a Female Powerhouse this Patensie really is! That would be physically powerful too – we have girls that run, cycle, hike and take part in triathlons and marathons.

Girls in this area can do everything. Do you need to organize a wedding at a ‘Grand’ venue, train up farm workers, audit a pack house or sell some fruit? We’ve got you covered. The P.T.A., W.A.A., and the Tourism Organisation are driven by dynamic Dames, such as Estelle, Rene and Nichola (who, along with Jansie, can give you a solid lesson on wines). Almost all the guesthouses are run and owned by women, too; and there are a number of ladies who successfully farm for themselves – whether they are harvesting strawberries or broccoli at the end of a hard day’s work. Rest assured you will almost always find a strong-and-in-charge woman in the admin offices too, who keep things growing smoothly.

Yup, this ladies’ list reads like who’s-who of women. Not sure if it is all the fresh air or the extra potent oestrogen emanating from the fertile farming lands – but girls in this Gamtoos Valley do not stand back for anything; we go out and make it happen! All of this while having babies and looking gorgeously good, too! A+ for Girl Power!

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