A time to Chillax

Here, in our part of South Africa we live with the advantage of diverse, multi-seasonal days – not unlike the Rainbow Nation that populates the country! It makes things very exciting – you never know what to expect, but you can bet your bottom buck that no matter the weather, there is always time to take a moment.

Summers are really long and the early mornings stretch out into long, hot days. Over weekends, brunch and lunch turn into all day alfresco affairs. Just when the soul grows weary of the roaring temperature, dusk settles in and to pay tribute to the day that was, there is always a little wine-time in the cool shadows of the trees or on the stoep with the dog. (Although this kuier can get noisy – there is strictly no moaning or whining allowed!!) Refreshments are cold – food is snacky and delish – and the conversation is light hearted.


The Winter months bring with them mellow sunshine to flush cheeks and defrost stiff limbs. The opportunity to get cosy around the fire – maybe inside in the lounge; or outside around a braai is a temptation that is eagerly given in to. Soon the chilly air is forgotten as chatter heats up. The food is nourishing and hearty and the tipple is rich and full-bodied.


In between, there are crisp, chilly mornings to contend with; mozzies to fight off; some rain (here’s hoping and praying) and work to wade through. The wind blows every now and then; and on extremely rare mornings there may be a visit from Jack Frost. But we survive, if just to have an excuse to take a moment to chillax.


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